June 26, 2016

Shark Week Blog Hop: Swim Deeper For A Fintastic Freebie

Welcome friends to our Shark Week blog hop!

As a teacher, we know that engaging lessons capture the attention of our students. What better way to do that than with sharks! I know my students love learning about anything dangerous, scary and creepy. A week of learning about sharks fits perfectly into that category.

Since visits to the ocean to swim with sharks aren't ideal field trips, we have teamed up to give you a bunch of fantastic resources to bring the ocean to your classroom.

I encourage you to visit all of the amazing bloggers on this hop. Their resources are fintastic!

Now, check out this free resource in my store! It is a sneak peek into an upcoming ocean creature unit. In the freebie you will get a passage about sharks along with worksheets to accompany it. The resource will cover reading, writing, vocabulary, and critical thinking. 

Don't forget to check out Sweet Integrations for your next shark week freebie! 

Be sure to stop and lurk at every blog in this Shark Week hop! The jawsome freebies they have won't last long!